About Lady V the Midlands Mistress

IAbout Lady V the Midlands Mistress am an approachable, charming, fun loving lady and Midlands Mistress¬†but do not let that put you too much at ease, I have a fertile, wicked imagination and a craving to induce absolute submission from those whom I choose to play with. With over ten years experience of BDSM and the fetish scene I can share a wide range of BDSM activities with obedient and respectful slaves, subs, sissys, sluts and masochists. Don’t expect to be treated too harshly during our introductory phase. I want to use my instinct and perception to get to know you intimately before taking the opportunity to truly stretch your limits.


I do not claim that I will be perfect for everybody who wishes to explore their submissive needs and desires but I will seek to tailor each liaison specific to the individual. Thoughtful and intuitive, subtle and persuasive, I can enchant and captivate my slaves and build an understanding based on trust, respect and shared interests. Trust and respect go both ways and are an integral part of all sessions, it is in your interest to enchant and indulge me.


I am comfortable with and enjoy my sexuality and most certainly am not out to prove that women are in any way ‘better’ than men. It is the case however that the power a woman has over men is a massive aphrodisiac to me, and I enjoy the mind-games that both genders playfully indulge in… My style is subtle yet coercive, your mind will be controlled, your body my canvas. When we enter any of my playrooms you become my plaything and are there solely for my amusement and entertainment but your reward will be accession to new and exciting highs.

Lady V

The Midlands Mistress