May 262015

A Slaves Tale of his encounter with Lady V

The Warwickshire Mistress :

One of my long-term pets P has kindly provided the following account of his devotion to me…Warwickshire Mistress
I had previously experimented with a handful of mistresses to find that something I was yearning for. Carefully selecting a Dominatrix for each encounter I considered myself fortunate to be accepted by all that I had approached. Whilst each of these sessions provided no small amount of pleasure, any feeling of satisfaction was short term and I had no real desire to return. I drifted away from the scene thinking perhaps it wasn’t really that something I needed.
About a year later and still with an emptiness I decided that I should attempt one more foray into the world of kink and BDSM. I researched long and hard, as perhaps it was my previous choices that were responsible for my failure to find what I was looking for. I found a number of potential mistresses that piqued my interest. Slowly but surely the list became shorter and eventually I decided to make the call to Lady V.
We had a short telephone conversation in which I explained a little about what I thought I was looking for. I could sense that Lady V was listening carefully to me as her responses and questions were attuned to what I was saying. I was invited for an initial interview.
I arrived for the interview with nervous anticipation and I was greeted by Lady V who was friendly, charming and exuding a warmth of character that to some extent put me at ease. I say to some extent as whilst feeling relaxed there was a striking contradictory feeling of vulnerability, enhanced by an increasing need and desire to submit totally to my interviewer – almost mesmerizing.
The interview was conducted with the accompaniment of a cup of tea which I had been instructed to make, fortunately getting it right as I now know a failure in this simple task would have lead to appropriate punishment. We had a very open conversation about my previous experiences, the good and the bad, and not wholly restricted to BDSM, fetish and kink. The questions from Lady V flowed naturally as did my responses and looking back on it now I can see how and why I have experienced some of the ‘delights’ that I have at the hands of Lady V. Be careful what you wish for as it might just come true.
Given the fact that I am writing this account you may not be surprised to hear that I passed the interview.  I was instructed to go and prepare and await Lady V’s presence on my knees in one of her playrooms. A situation I have now repeated on countless occasions, each time with that nervous anticipation and each time leaving further enriched by my surrender to my mistress. Occasionally playfully teased by Lady V when we recall that first experience together; the light spanking, the feather like flogging; the mild nipple tweaks; the cautious examination of my manhood; the delicate yet intimate exploration of my mind and body.
I find it difficult sometimes to reconcile where I am now with where I started. Never would I have imagined the extent of my submission but the rich rewards are mutual; what Lady V desires to give me; what I hunger to accept from her; and most importantly, what I yearn to take for her. The challenging corporal punishment, the exhilarating flogging, the severe nipple play, the CBT, the electrics, the untold variety of intimate exploration, penetration and stretching, the torment of feminization, the glorious humiliation yet ultimate bonding of golden champagne, the exhilaration of being used totally for my mistress’s pleasure in whatever way she sees fit.
There follows a message to anybody reading this who is considering seeing a mistress but has yet to dip their toe in to the ocean that is surrender and submission, a message that I feel would be confirmed by many practiced masochists, subs and slaves. You have to start somewhere and with somebody. Choose carefully but then just do it. If it’s not for you then no issues – but nothing ventured, nothing gained. If this is what you are looking for (and you may not know for sure at the moment) but you never try it and therefore never find it then that would be such a shame.
Sometimes it is a gradual drift in to sub space and sometimes it is an instant switch from the dullness of everyday life to the blood pumping excitement of complete submission. Standing, sitting, kneeling, or in any number of other positions – sometimes restrained, sometimes not – sometimes naked, other times in costume – maybe blindfolded or hooded, possibly gagged. Will your mistress be silent, will she tell you exactly what you are about to get, will she tease and confuse you… waiting for that first touch, that delicate stroke, that sharp sensation, that firm strike, that intrusive thrust.
The uncertainty when your senses are restricted is exhilarating, the elation of receiving whatever your mistress feels appropriate is then almost indescribable – something you have to experience to understand. That vulnerability but in a controlled environment is a feeling like no other. It is perhaps then difficult to explain the equally adrenaline fuelled feeling of knowing exactly what is on its way, whether from words or from first hand viewing. And then the repeat of that something that you know you should not want… but it is something you want more and more, conscious of that inner knowledge that the satisfaction of your mistress is paramount but the rewards of the session are shared. Exquisite surrender to absolute dominance.
Following each surrender to the delights provided by Lady V I leave feeling satisfied and fulfilled but ultimately wanting and needing more. I have found that something I needed and don’t want to live without it. I wouldn’t want it to be any other way.