Corporal Punishment with Lady V the CP Warwickshire Mistress

Lady V the Warwickshire MistressThis is possibly my favourite interest and certainly deserves its own dedicated page. It is perhaps the simplest form of submission in which you can give yourself to me but it can also involve all manner of variety. You could simply strip, bend, and take what I think you deserve. No words or instruction required – just corporal punishment plain and simple. You could be restrained, blinfolded or possibly gagged to mute your delicious squeals. Or if you would prefer we could undertake a role play scenario. Teacher or headmistress, bitchy boss, military discipline, office bitch, lady of the manor perhaps ? Remember however that regardless of the scenario you will receive the punishment you deserve, the punishment you crave at the hands of Warwickshire Mistress Lady V.
I could gently warm you up for an extended session or you might be be more daring and suggest harsh treatment from the outset. As I have said, I am perceptive and will be sensitive to your pain thresholds and mindful of your limits. We both know however there is no real pleasure without pain and I adore slaves that suffer for me.
Accuracy is a given and I can administer even severe punishment without marking – this will of course be discussed and agreed before we commence any session.
Think therefore of the variety of sensations you could experience. Mild and sensual to severe and stinging. Prolonged and testing or short and sharp. Continuous and consistent or varied and uncertain… what implement will I use next? I have a whole variety to test you with. Canes (my absolute favourite), paddles, whips, crops, floggers, spankers, belts, tawse and a whole manner of household implements. There is also of course a good old bare hand spanking that I might decide to treat you to – but only if you are truly deserving of it.

CP with Lady V the CP Warwickshire Mistress