Sessions with Lady V the Mistress in Warwickshire

Lady V The Mistress in WarwickshireI have a great variety of interests, and could not possibly acknowledge them all.  I have listed a number of ‘loves’ and ‘hates’ on my Equipment & Interests pages and I have a page dedicated to my love of corporal punishment.
I like active imaginations – it broadens one’s horizons – so please feel free to speak with me about any ideas you may have and demonstrate to me your understanding of the power exchange that you aspire to. Once you are in my control however you will be given the treatment I deem appropriate, from sensual and caressing to severe and painful. My particular penchant is for administering punishment to submissives whilst gently but forcefully controlling them verbally.
I am especially keen to hear from those who wish to form a deeper, long-term connection. Such relationships are undoubtedly the most rewarding, they prove your devotion to me and enable me to shape you into the slave, submissive or sissy that you desire to be. I will take you on a journey of escapism to a place where nothing exists besides your desire to submit totally. Indulging in your vulnerability so you experience the paradox of pain and pleasure – this is the ultimate for me!  Submit to me and be rewarded… Welcome to my world, slave.


Lady V The Mistress in Warwickshire