MISTRESS AND HER SLAVES, SUBS, SISSYS, SLUTS & MASOCHISTSMistress welcomes approaches from those who genuinely yearn to surrender mind and body, whether you consider yourself an experienced player seeking to stretch your limits further than before or you are considering your first tentative steps in to the extraordinary world of BDSM.

Gender and sexuality is irrelevant to Mistress – I will consider sessions with anybody who is polite, respectful and clean. Whilst age is generally not an issue Mistress does have a preferred minimum age limit of 25.


Our time together does not have to be about pain but you will wholly surrender to me and allow me total control. I derive great pleasure in subtly initiating novices & beginners to the world of BDSM, and most definitely enjoy the more sensual and caring side of domination… I will employ my considerable skill and experience to guide you physically and psychologically on a voyage to find your true self, a state where you can lay yourself bare to me in total and utter submission. I will be thoughtful and compassionate but you should understand that the further you surrender your mind to me the greater will be your gain from any tease, torment and physical trial that you will experience at my hands.


For the more experienced player I should explain that whilst I play on all levels I delight in the more severe end of the spectrum, as long as it’s always Safe, Sane and Consensual. I am perceptive and will therefore be sensitive to your pain thresholds and mindful of your limits for humiliation and kink but I can say with some certainty that for you there is no real pleasure without some pain and it all the more fulfilling for you when you know you have earned it. I adore slaves that suffer for me, whether it is that extra pain, the extended endurance or the increased humiliation. Quench Mistress’s insatiable thirst for your surrender!